Saturday, March 21, 2015

Word Meaning

Word meaning

Q-1 Ribald
(a) Periodical accent (b) Vein of leaf
(c) Cheerful (d) Jester
Q-2 Ribston
(a) Ribbon (b) A kind of apple
(c) Strips of wood (d) A sacrifice
Q-3 Rich
(a) Wealthy (b) Arrogant
(c) Behind (d) To amaze
Q-4 Riddance
(a) Insecure (b) Deliverance
(c) Bird’s beak (d) Destroy
Q-5 Ridicule
(a) Derision (b) A coarse sieve
(c) Perplexing (d) Cycle
Q-6 Rife
(a) A Supplement (b) A Mountain Range
(c) Prevailing (d) A Commercical Travelier
Q-7 Rigescence
(a) The Rabble (b) Stiffness
(c) To break (d) Plunderer
Q-8 Right
(a) Straight (b) To fit
(c) A cleft (d) Wanton
Q-9 Righteous
(a) Propriety (b) Holy
(c) To do justice to (d) To make right
Q-10 Rigid
(a) Dexterity (b) Well disposed
(c) Towards the right (d) Harsh
Q-11 Rigorousness
(a) Severity (b) Strict
(c) Gazing (d) Slightly open
Q-12 Rimy
(a) To irritate (b) Border
(c) Hoar-frost (d) Frosty
Q-13 Riot
(a)A narrow water course (b) Disorder
(c) Anything circular (d) Washing
Q-14 Ripe
(a) To split (b) Comely
(c) Mature (d) Genial
Q-15 Rise
(a) To revolt (b) Supported
(c) A grove (d) Liberality
Q-16 Risibility
(a) Rise (b) Laugher
(c) A chest (d) Puerile
Q-17 Rivulet
(a) Competition (b) To rend asunder
(c) A small stream (d) Rive
Q-18 Roadway
(a)Thicket (b) To spread forth
(c) To pound (d) Highway
Q-19 Rob
(a) To wander (b) To plunder
(c) Outcry (d) Roasted meat
Q-20 Rock
(a) Gown (b) Invigorating
(c) To shake (d) Boisterous
Q-21 Rod
(a) In a shaky manner (b) Long
(c) Chloride of sodium (d) Petroleum
Q-22 Rogation
(a) Boastful (b) Application
(c) An angler (d) Collapse
Q-23 Rollicking
(a) Careless (b) Rolling cylinder
(c) To enjoy (d) A kind of type
Q-24 Rompish
(a) Citizen of Rome (b) Fanciful
(c) Playful (d) To wrestle
Q-25 Roody
(a) Rampart (b) Caricature
(c) X-rays (d) Coarse


1 d
2 b
3 a
4 b
5 a
6 c
7 b
8 a
9 b
10 d
11 a
12 d
13 b
14 c
15 a
16 b
17 c
18 d
19 b
20 c
21 b
22 b
23 a
24 c
25 d